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I have a hard time believing this bar is so terrible. I've never had a Mast Brothers bar that let me down before. And I don't think I've ever had chocolate that hurt my throat. I wish I could try it for myself and see.

I do agree with you about their website being under par. They used to have much better information on it, but they've gone all minimalist recently and changed it. Ah well, hipster is as hipster does.

Trust me, this batch, this particular bar was just bad. It was completely imbalanced. And I don't take this lightly because I know the Mast Brothers. I adore these guys and I believe they are some of the most talented out there. But sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. This was a big a loser. It may have only been this bar. If I try it again and it's better or good, I will review it again and talk about the contrasts.

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