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1. If you were influenced by others before, then imagine how you might be overly-influenced by a charming and persuasive person like Angus.

2. Chuao's genetics are now highly diversified and Criollo comprises only a fraction.

3. You omitted a critical fact in the review. As other chocolate review sites point out, Rabot does not manufacture this Chuao bar. Another company does.

I will be on the Rabot Estate next week. Can't wait! And you're right. Angus is a lovely man and certainly knows his cacao and his chocolate.

How lucky we are to be immersed in the world of chocolate.

Influenced more by an attitude. Not taste or reviews. Just a bad opinion about companies exploiting buzz words. I lumped them into that without enough facts about them.

Charming yes but persuasive in historical facts about the beans, genetics, and Island history.

I am not a Chuao expert so I am only divulging what I am currently learning. It's no secret that it's diverse in genetics and hybrids which is exactly what I made a point of in this post. My point here was the expansion of the name Chuao to include the region at large and not just the Hacienda where it was made famous. There is also a lot of conflicting information out there about true criollo and the hybrids. It makes it difficult to stay on top of the current information. Not to mention I get different opinions and answers from different chocolate makers about the region and the beans.

I didn't purposely omit that bit of information, I didn't know. Excuse me for not keeping up with other blogs who did post that. I don't follow other review sites right now. For now I am trying to work on my own blog and catch up on my own reviews that I am currently back logged on.

"Facts" and propaganda often times sketch a blurry line. As any honest historian will acknowledge, why bother predicting the future when the past is so unpredictable!

Chuao is not so much a region than it is an enclave. It is pretty well defined as some 750 or so acres. You seem to be mixing up hacienda with the women's co-op there. It represents a portion of the total acreage under cultivation. Is one more true than the other? You know the old saying, if it looks, walks & quacks...

As for keeping up with other blogs, I guess I'm just addicted to this stuff.

I respect your opinions, but you're being awfully presumptuous. I am not going to chalk up meeting Angus Thirlwell into a propaganda discussion. To suggest anything like that not only insults me but also puts such an ugly spin on a nice meeting of two chocolate nerds talking shop. This is exactly the sort of attitude I was speaking about that formed such an ill opinion in the first place. You are more than welcome to your own, but I'd rather be more positive about it.

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