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This is one of my "dream" chocolates to try. I've never sampled Michel Cluizel. Next time look for Felchlin, a Swiss brand. Their milk chocolates are very smooth and have one of the best mouth feel.

Hi, I like your chocolate passion! Lately, I've seen all these single estate chocolates that I really want to try.
I noticed what you wrote on Foodbuzz. I am a new blogger, and what I've noticed is it is kind of like High School all over again. I think it is key to remember that some people will truly be interested in you and what your'e doing while others are really just trying to be social for their own blog. Both are understandable. Oh, and in reference to Foodbuzz, I think photo quality is king followed closely by originality and/or tapping into old favorites. I might be wrong though. Who knows?

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