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A review of the Brooklyn Blend when it first came out gives the specifics on its constituent origins: http://www.c-spot.com/chocolate-census/bars/bar/?pid=1441

That's funny because I guessed that by tasting it. I am getting better.

But I have to say I am not a fan of that blog you posted. Someone tried accusing me of ripping them off and I had never even heard of them before that moment they were accusing me. We do similar things by reviewing chocolate but are in no way the same. I was offended by that.

I like both sites a lot. The layout of the reviews are so similar. Please do not take that as an accusation but a compliment because I go to many websites and both are good. C-spot has tons of info and their learning guide is great. It is really in-depth and goes well beyond a blog. Your reviews are cool and fun so I learn from you too.

You are getting so good at this can I send you a blend of something I am trying to figure out so you can help me guess its countries?

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