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Well put on how subjective taste is. I just laugh every time I read "the world's best chocolate bar" or "the world's best anything" for that matter.

Are your criteria weighted at all? To me Taste is the most important, while Snap and Texture aren't that big a deal.

In the beginning it wasn't weighted at all. But now it's becoming that way. Appearance has so many variables. But it will be critiqued harder if it has sugar or fat bloom.

I have been watching my reviews change and get more and more critical. But within reasons. At least I tend to think so anyway. I look back at some of my beginning reviews and found I was too generous. But I am not changing it because the point of the blog is to grow into my palate and learn to understand chocolate better. They best thing to do is revisit chocolates. They will change with each batch but that's the fun of it.

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