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Chocolate heaven!

Oh my!
A blogger after my own heart!
someone who see's beyond cadburys dairymilk!
i noticed a chilli and orange one up there!
benedicts do an amazing chilli and bitter orange chocolate!(well it has fondant in)
these all look way out of my price range,but oh my they sound so delish!

Im glad you saved the west ham chocolate for the bin :P
spurs all the way!!

ps;Great blog you've got here! say hello to your new regular visitor! x

Welcome Bsb. Thank you for such a charming comment. I am glad you like what you see so far. I have a lot of reviewing to do so stay tuned for reviews on all of this good looking chocolate from London!

Oh my God, I so hate you for having all of those chocolates to sample. Feel free to send them this way if you get sick of them :)

You've granted a Happy 101 Award by yours truly.


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