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I don't take pleasure in saying negative stuff about a chocolatier or manufacturer (or any business I patronize for that matter) either. These chocolates that you're reviewing aren't cheap chocolates. Customers are paying for them with their hard earned money. With that those kinds of prices that I'm paying for, I expect quality and have them delivered to me in tiptop condition. The LEAST the chocolatiers can do is to ensure that their products are packaged well enough to avoid any pieces from being damaged or off-tasting pieces. Commerce is about fair exchange. You obviously didn't get what you paid for.

Well to be fair, The Modern Dwellers truffles were a gift from a friend and bar owner in Alaska. I didn't buy them. But in the interest of their reputation, they felt it best to send them again. And I was grateful to them because I didn't want to have that be my only experience with them.

In the case of Amano, they sent me their products and the first bar was a gift from a chocolate buy and friend a local cheese shop. I didn't buy those either. They cared about the reviews and their reputation.

I did buy the Patric Truffles though and he contacted me within the same day the post went up. But he and I had been kind of running into each other on the web for about a year and when I launched this blog and became serious about it, he too sent me his bars for review.

Chocri's chocolate are a bit pricey, but their entire concept of design your own customizable chocolate bars is awesome. They too sent me chocolate replacements right away.

Yes I agree that when you pay for something you should get what you pay for. Banged up, nicked, or damaged is more than likely from shipping but that is the fault of either the poor packing, or the delivery system, or both.

Then there are all kinds of issues that come from bloom, matted appearances. Could be from shipping, could be from constant temperature shifts, and or poor tempering.

I guess what I am saying in this case is that yeah sometimes you should get a replacement for a product that isn't up to par, but sometimes it's the way they handle it that makes all the difference.

I just wanted to give some friendly people some credit. Because I am writing about these products and scoring them fairly, good or bad and these people are behind the scenes making sure you get the most out of their products. Yes it's probably standard but again they deserve to be mentioned.

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